Custom Made Blanks

Sorry no custom builds available at this time.

We can offer you a custom made service with blanks made to your own specifications
We can make blanks in:

         Four Strip       Five Strip       Six Strip Construction

 • With Swell Butts • Any Node configuration • Pressed Nodes • Precision made fine tips.
• Straight or Compound tapers.
• Solid or Hollow built.
• Bamboo Colour from Light Natural to Dark Flamed.
• Tips can be mirrored on Custom-made blanks with two tops (Matching nodes on both tips).

We can also make blanks in one piece up to 6′ /183cm.

Blanks can be supplied in the following finishes:
1. In String.  For the professional rod maker. Blanks are supplied in string ready for Cleaning.
2. Cleaned Blanks. Sections are hand cleaned , Straightened and hand polished to a high finish.
3. Impregnated. Blanks are hand cleaned, Straightened, and Impregnated and polished to a high luster.

When sending your specification we need to know the following:
1. Finished legth required of each blank.
2. Increments and finished sizes across flats ( Sizes can be in imperial or metric.
3. If hollow built required wall thickness.
4. Node configuration (Standard Leonard 3 x 3 supplied if none specified).
5 Colour required (Please supply a sample if possible)
6. Finish required. In string, Cleaned and polished, Impregnated.

Specifications can be emailed to
or Fax to +44 (0)1920 462658.

Customers and their specifications are held in the strictest confidence.