Chapman “Dennis Pye 700”

The Chapman Dennis Pye 700. 10′ 3 piece Pike rod 1960.

Blank specifications: Compound tapered blanks six strip. Test Curve 4 lbs
Tip section.
0”    .150
36” .238
47” .370
Middle section 
0”    .385
47” .545

Handle: 26″ alloy tube with internal brass ferrule.
Cork handle: 26″ x 7/8″ with two 7/8″ alloy sliding reel bands with cork ball butt.

Ferrules:  Brass suction ferrules butt 9.8mm middle 15mm.

Guide spacing: As above.

Guide sizes. Middle:  Thread-line butt guide size 25mm.  Full open bridge guides size 9, 8.
Top:   Full open bridge guides sizes   8, 6, 5, Tip guide 604HC size 5.

Wrappings: Garnet.  Early models may have twisted copper wire on lower leg of butt guide, also on male and female ferrule wrapping

1960 Catalogue description. This rod has the precise action and test curve of a standard Dennis Pye Pike rod but supplied in two 3’ 11” lengths with detachable handle.